Interlace Media Inc., is a Canadian production and sales company since 1992 located in Winnipeg, MB. At Interlace, we are creatives: this means we understand the needs of fellow creatives in the TV/Film industry through first hand experience. Our Production Services include: editing, video production, closed captioning, and more. 

Throughout the years, we have become a reseller for a number of production related products and vendors, whom we have learned to trust for dependability and performance from our own experiences.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, we would be happy to help you!

- The Interlace Team



Ernie Nathaniel, President

Ernie is an award winning editor and founder of Interlace Media. He has countless hours of experience directing live video productions and editing various documentaries and music productions that have been broadcast. He is a well-known problem solver for broadcasters, cable companies, and movie and production firms in Manitoba. The name word “interlace” in the company name shows how long Ernie has been in this business… from his experience with saticon tube cameras, to the “progressive” full frame sensors of today. He’s always willing to try and help you realize your art with the best tools. 

Tamara Roshka, Cinematographer/Art + Design

Tamara Roshka is a second-generation Indo-Canadian that has worked alongside her father, Ernie Nathaniel. Being brought up in the TV/Film industry, she has developed her skills as a camera operator and cinematographer over the years. Tamara uses her Fine Arts background in everything she does - taking great care in composition and artistic expression in her cinematography. Being mentored over the years by cinematographers such as Charles Konowal, CSC and the late Barry Lank, CSC she has had opportunities to expand her expertise. Tamara serves on various committee boards and is a known face around Winnipeg in the film industry and art world.