Blackmagic 2110 IP Converter


Style: 4x12G PWR
Sale price$2,875.00 CAD


The Blackmagic 2110 IP Converters have been designed to integrate SDI equipment into 2110 IP broadcast systems. The rack mount models can be installed in equipment racks right next to the equipment you're converting. However with Blackmagic Studio Cameras, Blackmagic Audio Monitor 12G G3 and the SmartView 4K G3, you can build most of your SMPTE-2110 system without converters! Plus most Blackmagic SMPTE-2110 IP video products can be remote powered! But adding converters means you get a low cost way to transform all your video equipment to SMPTE-2110. Simply add a Blackmagic 2110 IP Converter to live production switchers, disk recorders, streaming processors, cameras, TVs and more.

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